The chances of sale will be a lot higher with promotional products!

A succesful marketingplan should include promotional products. Just look at Coca-Cola, which is an expert in the field of promotional items, with its world-famous logo and striking polar bear! Promotional products are a very strong part of ther marketing strategy. It’s mentioned a lot of times already how promotional products are more effective than traditional advertising (according to the PPAI).

The scope of promotional products (Firmagaver)

Two other organizations did their own study which had the same results. The German Gesamtverband der werbeartikel-wirtschaft asked the DIMA to do a market research. The outcomes where really impressive. On average, 88% of respondents come into contact with promotional products on a daily basis, while only 79% of this is for advertising on the radio and 75% for TV advertising. Therefore, even the mass media sector is inferior to promotional products.

Promotional items & brand recognition (Företagspresenter)

One of the most powerful properties of promotional products is that those items get used a lot. For example, 57% of the interviewees remembered the name of the company that gave then a promotional item, while this figure is only 28% for TV advertising and 32% for radio advertising.

Promotional products also last much longer than fleeting advertising messages. The interviewees let us know how long they have their promotional products in possession, 66% has still promotional items at home of more than six months old and some of them still have articles of more than two years old. Nine out of ten interviewees used the products at least once a day. Therefore, promotional products guarantee a very large number of contact moments with your clients!